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A clearer financial picture during divorce

During a divorce, it’s very important to have a clear picture of each party’s financial status, and in addition to the Financial Affidavit, there are other ways to ensure the other party produces all financial documentation.

For one, there are written questions, called “interrogatories,” which ask questions about a party’s education, assets and liabilities.

Also, your attorney will have the power to subpoena records from various third parties, such as banks or employers. This is important so that you can get independent documentation to help prove your case, whether it is regarding income or assets.

Finally, attorneys can also make use of depositions, which is simply placing an individual under oath and asking them verbal questions. A court reporter takes down what everyone says at the deposition, and this testimony can be transcribed. This process is useful to determine the position of the other party and to lock them into certain positions in testimony.

It is very important to be appropriately prepared for your deposition by your counsel as this can lay the foundation for the final hearing, and it is difficult to change your testimony without looking like you are contradicting yourself or lying.

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