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Domestic violence injunctions during a divorce


Sometimes violence – or the threat of violence – is present in the divorce process. In those instances, it is very important that the parties separate from one another to avoid injury. Divorce is highly emotional, and those involved may not always be thinking logically.

Florida provides a process for individuals to receive injunctive relief for protection against domestic violence. Furthermore, Florida makes it easy for an individual to get this injunction without the use of an attorney.

There is no filing fee for this service, and clerks are available to assist an individual in filling out the forms for a domestic violence injunction.

In order to obtain a domestic violence injunction, one simply goes to the local courthouse. Someone at the information desk can direct you where to go to fill out the paperwork. It is helpful to bring a typed scenario of the facts that led you to request this injunction. Your typed sheet should have dates, statements, and be written in the active tense.

Do not hold back on any facts in typing this sheet. You have to understand that the court will not interview you; the judge will only read this sheet and make a determination on whether or not to grant the injunction on a temporary basis. If your typed sheet is not compelling enough, the court will deny your request.

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