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How is child support calculated in Florida?

Child support is set by Florida statute 61.30, which uses a formula based upon the parties’ income, health insurance costs for themselves and for the child, as well as any day care or after-school costs. All of these numbers are put into a formula, and child support is calculated.

There are two types of formulas, and they are based upon the time-sharing arrangement between the two parties. If a parent has at least 20 percent or more of overnight time-sharing with the minor child, that parent is entitled to a child support adjustment, and the “substantial shared parenting child support” formula is used.

This can result in a lower amount of child support by that individual, which recognizes the fact that a parent who spends a substantial amount of time with the minor child is incurring additional expenses and should not pay the child support as calculated under
the regular formula.

If there is less than 20 percent of overnight time-sharing, then the regular child support worksheet is used.

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