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Key Reasons Mediation Can Be Beneficial in Your Florida Divorce


Did you realize that one of the most challenging times in a person’s life can be when they are going through a divorce?  However, when you work with a knowledgeable Florida family law attorney they can help you work through a maze of emotional, financial, and legal complexities. Often many individuals with their attorney turn to mediation during the divorce process as a more amicable, efficient, and cost-effective alternative because traditional divorce litigation tends to be adversarial, costly, and time-consuming. We want to give you some key reasons why mediation could be beneficial for you during your divorce. Discuss them with your attorney to determine if they are right for you, or applicable to your unique situation.

  1. You want to lessen any conflict and encourage cooperation. With mediation you can foster an environment of cooperation rather than confrontation. When all parties work together with a neutral third-party mediator, couples can engage in open, honest communication to reach mutually beneficial agreements. This process naturally reduces tension and conflict, which is particularly beneficial if children are involved, as it helps preserve a cordial parental relationship post-divorce.


  1. You want greater control and flexibility. Unlike court proceedings, where decisions are made by a judge, mediation puts the control directly in the hands of the divorcing couple under the guidance of their attorneys. This flexibility allows for more creative and personalized solutions that specifically address the unique needs of your family. You have the opportunity to discuss and adjust every aspect of the agreement until both parties are satisfied.


  1. You want everything to be quicker and cost efficient. The mediation process is typically much faster and less expensive than going to court. By reducing the need for extensive legal procedures and court appearances, mediation can save both time and money. This efficiency is beneficial for those looking to start the next chapter of their lives without the burden of prolonged legal battles and financial strain.


  1. You want everything to be confidential and private. Court proceedings are public, however, mediation is a private and confidential process. This confidentiality can be particularly appealing for individuals who value their privacy and wish to keep the details of their divorce and financial arrangements out of the public domain.


  1. You need and want to improve communication and set a foundation for future interactions. Mediation can help improve communication between parties by providing a structured environment where each person is encouraged to express their needs and concerns. This improved communication is invaluable, especially for parents who will need to coordinate and collaborate on child-rearing responsibilities long after the divorce is finalized.

When you choose mediation for your divorce with your Florida family law attorney you can travel a path to a more respectful, understanding, and amicable resolution. It is a process that promotes open communication, cooperation, and the well-being of all involved, making it an increasingly popular choice for navigating the complexities of divorce. 

We understand that you may have many questions about collaborative divorce. When your family or financial health is on the line, trust attorney Paul Riffel to help you protect your interests and achieve your goals. Attorney Paul Riffel has been practicing law in Florida for over 41 years, focusing in the areas of Tampa estate planning and  family law. We encourage you to contact us and schedule a meeting with us.

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