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Tag Archives: durational alimony

The types of alimony that a judge can award

By Paul E. Riffel |

There are four different types of periodic alimony that are available for the trial court to award: Bridge the gap alimony: Bridge the gap alimony is limited to fewer than two years and terminates upon the death of either party or upon the remarriage of the party receiving alimony. Such alimony may not be… Read More »

A new type of alimony

By Paul E. Riffel |

 Florida statute was recently amended to add a new type of alimony: ‘durational alimony.’  This type was added to fill a gap between ‘rehabilitative alimony’ and ‘permanent periodic alimony.’ While the statute doesn’t give us much direction, other than to say this alimony can last as long as the marriage has lasted, we are… Read More »

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